R&D New Products 10, 2015

Featured Product : StemXVivo Hepatocyte Differentiation Kit

StemXVivo Hepatocyte Differentiation Kit embryonic stem cell (ES) hepatocyte ȭų ֵ ִ ǰԴϴ. ES cell hepatocyte ٷ ȭ Ű ߴ  ϴ Ӹ ƴ϶, ġ θ screening ˴ϴ.

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19  ES cell hepatocyte ȭ 

Pre-mixed differentiation cocktail Differentiation efficiency شȭ

Validated protocol QC Test Ϸ!

High Differentiation Yield (> 70% purity)

Verify antibody (Anti-human Albumin)


̹ R&D News Letter Stem cellԴϴ.

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