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Bio-Techne Newsletter | October 5, 2016

2016 10 Bio-Techne Neuroscience Newsletters


GABA receptor & GABA signaling Tools

- NeuroXVivo Rat Cortical Neuron Culture Kit

- Antibodies for GABA receptor Complex
- Tocris for GABA, GABA-,
GABA receptor

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  NEW - NeuroXVivo Rat Cortical Neuron Culture Kit
Cortical neuron culture Ű GABA ֿ model system Դϴ. NeuroXVivo Rat Cortical Neuron Culture Kit Բ serum-free ȯ濡 rat cortical neurons culture ȭ  reagents growth factors .

Additional Components of the GABA Receptor Complex Identified
ֱ Nature Neuroscience
R&D Systems® antibodies Ͽ GABA receptor ߰ 20 ̻  Ȯ ν receptor ü   ǥ Ǿϴ.


R&D Systems® Antibodies for Studying the GABA Receptor Complex
GABA receptor ο Ư¡ Ͻó? R&D Systems GABA receptor subunits
GABAB R1 and R2
  Բ Ӱ ߰ ܹ ü Ȯ ִ antibodies !


Investigate GABA Signaling with Tocris Bioscience
Tocris  high quality  
GABA, GABA- and GABA receptor agonists, antagonists and modulators ϰ ֽϴ. GABA
research Tocris ǰ Ȯ !


Explore the Mechanisms Involved in GABA Signaling
GABA ߽Ű迡 ֿ inhibitory transmitter Դϴ. Our Synaptic Neurotransmission: GABAergic Inhibition interactive pathway GABA receptor activation ƴ϶ GABA մϴ.
Explore now!


IHC Grade Antibodies for GABA and GABA Receptors
GABA Ǵ signaling ߽Ű presynaptic neurons 40% ռ Ǵ Ű޹̱ ſ ߿ Դϴ.
 Novus Biologicals GABA پ GABA Receptors Ȯ IHC antibodies ϰ ֽϴ.

Bio-Techne at Upcoming Meetings

11th Annual Meeting of Genetic Epidemiology of Parkinson's Disease (GEoPD) Consortium
Campus Belval, LUXEMBOURG, October 6-8, 2016

Club Francophone de l'Autophagie 2016 (CFATG)
Bordeaux, FRANCE, October 12-14, 2016

Cytokines 2016
San Francisco, USA, October 16-19, 2016

International Symposium - Biology of Aging: Paving the Way for Healthy Aging
Montreal, CANADA, October 19-20, 2016

3rd Annual Meeting of the ISCAM 2016
Brussels, BELGIUM, October 26-29, 2016

2016 Society for Neuroscience Annual Meeting

San Diego, USA, November 12-16, 2016

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