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Bio-Techne Newsletter | July 14, 2016




2016 7 Bio-Techne Neuroscience Newsletters


Huntington's disease (HD)

- Tocris new poster

- Boston Biochem E3 ligase enzymes

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Huntington's Disease (HD) Poster from Tocris


Huntington's Disease (HD) Poster from Tocris
HD modeling iPSCs  HD pathology   signaling pathway Ͽ  ͸ Tocris ȮϽ ֽϴ. (: Annalena Wieland and Nicholas Allen, University of Cardiff)



The Best E3 Ligase Enzymes for HD Research
E3 ligases Huntingtin (mHtt) ܹ ϴ ȿ̸, E3 ligases ִ HD ⿩ ֽϴ. Ubiquitin-related ǰ Bio-Techne's Boston Biochem E3 ligases پϰ ֽϴ!



Mouse Monoclonal Antibody for mHtt (Clone 1A771)
Huntingtin (mHtt) ߱ Ubiquitin-positive neuronal intranuclear inclusions (NIIs) Huntington's Ű ߿ մϴ. Novus Biologicals
 anti-Huntingtin monoclonal antibody (clone 1A771) mHtt ܹ Ȯ ֽϴ.



A 769662-Induced AMPK Activation Reduces mHtt Aggregates
HD pathology ū Ư¡ mHTT Դϴ. ֱ  HD mouse model STHdh cell A 769662 MAPK Ȱ mTOR-independent autophagy ϸ,
mHTT Ųٰ մϴ. (: Walteret al.)


A New Pathogenic Factor in Parkinson's Disease


Luminex® Assays for Human Neuroscience Biomarkers R&D Systems Ű༺ ȯ biomarkers GFAP, Park5/UCH-L1, Park7/DJ-1, Tau, and Synuclein- Human Luminex assay ǰ ֱ Ͽϴ.


Bio-Techne Travel Grants Available to ASCB 2016


Bio-Techne Travel Grants Available to ASCB 2016
R&D systems 2016 12 3-7 ϴ ASCB ڸ  $1000 帳ϴ. ûϼ! Apply Now!


Bio-Techne at Upcoming Meetings

Cambridge Stem Cell Institute 5th International Symposium 2016
Cambridge, UNITED KINGDOM, July 18-19

Summer Frontiers 2016 - Systems Biology of Innate Immunity 2016
Nijmegen, NETHERLANDS, September 7-9

Association Nationale des Enseignants de Biologie Cellulaire 2016
Paris, FRANCE, September 22-24


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