2016. 01. 20


R&D High Sensitivity Cytokine Assay !!


Cytokine ,  ϴ ȿϱ?


 sample cytokine (Interleukine, TNF-alpha..)  


ſ ҷ մϴ. ׷Ƿ cytokine Ͽ


sample assay kit Ͻô ϴ.




High sensitivity Cytokine Assay Kit

Normal Cytokine Assay kit

- serum, plasma sample

- Ͼ ȯ serum, plasma

- , ġ ȿ Ȯϴ

- LPS, PHA stimulation Ų cell

- Stimulation Ű cell


- Ϲ ELISA sample 󵵰 ʴ




 High Sensitivity Quantikine ELISA


     ǰ Assay range Ȯϱ


cytokine specificity

ELISA gold standard ޴ ǰ

SCI 42% reference, sample type ˻

ǰ antibody protein , serum, plasma

    specific diluent Ȯ sample

IJ ǰ ִ




High Sensitivity Luminex Assay


      ǰ Assay range Ȯϱ



پ cytokine  screening

50~100ul sampleε ܹ

Specific diluent false positive ּȭ

Quantikine ELISA correlation Ȯ




̹ R&D News Letter Immunology (NK cell research)Դϴ.


׸ ŬϽø ڼ 캸 ֽϴ!


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