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Bio-Techne Newsletter | October 17, 2017




10 Immunology Newsletter ҽ

  -  New Luminex High Performance Cytokine 45-Plex

  -  New Human IFN-beta Quantikine ELISA Kit

  -  New Anti-Zika Virus IgG ELISA Kit


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Proteome Profilertrade;


Monitor Immune Responses with Proteome Profiler Antibody Arrays
XL Cytokine Antibody Arrays ̿Ͽ Human, Mouse, and Rat cytokines chemokines ִ 111 ÿ Ͻ ֽϴ. Ҿ پ sample types validation Ǿ , Ư ̵ Ͻ ֽϴ.


alexa fluor


Over 8,000 Alexa Fluor® Conjugated Antibodies Available from R&D Systems
Specificϰ ִ R&D systems antibodies ִ 7 Alexa Fluor® dyes Ͻ ֽϴ. Unique  clones targetsflow cytometry panels Ȯ !


luminex hp cytokines


New Luminex High Performance Cytokine 45-Plex
R&D Systems
Human XL Cytokine Discovery Panel Ӱ õǾϴ. 45 analytes ѹ Ȯ ϸ, customizeϿ analyte ȮϽ ֽϴ. R&D Systems Human XL Cytokine Discovery Panel Ȯغ!


zika mosquito


A New R&D Systems® ELISA to Detect Anti-Zika Virus IgG
R&D System
ϴ Anti-Zika Virus IgG ELISA Human serum anti-Zika virus (ZIKV) IgG antibodies Ͻ ֽϴ. In-house testing R&D Systems® assay ٸ 3 anti-ZIKV IgG ELISA kits sensitive ϴٴ ȮϿϴ. Learn More!


Human IFN-beta


New Human IFN-beta Quantikine® ELISA Kit
R&D Systems®
human cell culture supernates IFN-bet м Ҽ ִ ǰ IFN-beta Quantikine® ELISA Ͽϴ. ʿ þ ִ ready to use kit ̸, Ȯϰ ϰ ִ Դϴ.


Reactive Granulopoiesis


Reactive Granulopoiesis is Regulated by ROS
Reactive granulopoiesis
BM myeloid cell Ȱ (ROS) ȴٴ ϴ (study by Zhu et al.). BM H2O2 production ϱ two-photon microscopy Peroxy Orange 1 Ͽϴ. Tocris fluorescent probes ϰ ƴ Ȯ !


TLR Signaling


Understanding TLR Signaling in Health and Disease
Toll-like receptors (TLRs)
pathogens ϰ cellular damage ϱ signaling մϴ. ׷ ŰTLR autoimmune, inflammatory diseases, cancer ֽϴ. TLR ȣ ޿ ڼ ˾ƺ!


Luminex Assays


Monitor Immune Responses with Luminex® Assays from R&D Systems
R&D systems
Luminex Assays ǰ spike recovery test kit Ȯ Ȯ ñ ٶϴ.


Bio-Techne at Upcoming Meetings


European Society of Gene and Cell Therapy 2017
Berlin, Germany, Oct. 17-20, 2017


European Antibody Congress 2017
Basel, Switzerland, Oct. 31-Nov. 2, 2017


3rd Annual Cell & Gene Therapy Congress 2017
London, United Kingdom, Nov. 6-7, 2017


PEGS Europe 2017
Lisbon, Portugal, Nov. 13-17, 2017


10th EBF Open Symposium 2017
Barcelona, Spain, Nov. 15-17, 2017


Autumn Immunology Conference
Chicago, IL, Nov. 17-20, 2017


1st Symposium of Occitanie Network Monocytes-Macrophages
Montpellier, France, Nov. 20, 2017


CFATG 2017
Paris, France, Nov. 27-29, 2017


IGBMC – 1st Annual Meeting of the Upper Rhine Immunology Group 2017
IGBMC, France, Dec. 1, 2017


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