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Bio-Techne Newsletter | November 20, 2017




11 Stem Cells Newsletter ҽ

- StemXVivo® Neural Progenitor Differentiation Kit

- Single-Cell Western for Neural Progenitor Cells

- Cultrex® Mouse Laminin I, Pathclear®

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New ProDots Proteins - Noggin and R-Spondin!   New ProDots® Proteins - Noggin and R-Spondin! 
ProDots® Proteins
ǰ neural stem cells brain organoids ȭ ݴϴ. ProDots® Proteins ǰ
Recombinant Human Nogginand Recombinant Human R-Spondin 1 Ȯغ.
New! StemXVivo Neural Progenitor Differentiation Kit   New! StemXVivo® Neural Progenitor Differentiation Kit
Neural progenitor cells (NPC)
Ű༺ ȯ modeling żϰ ǥȭ ϴµ ݴϴ. R&D systems  StemXVivo® Neural Progenitor Differentiation Kit ES/iPS cells NPC ִ pre-mixed cocktails ϰ ֽϴó Ͻô 20% 帳ϴ!
Neural Progenitor Cells Analyzed by Single-Cell Western   Neural Progenitor Cells Analyzed by Single-Cell Western 
Milo Single-Cell Western iPSC-derived neural progenitor cells ȿɰ cell homogeneity of differentiating ϴµ մϴ. ISSCR Milo Single-Cell Western data ǥ߽ϴ.
View Poster.
NeuroXVivo Culture Kits for Cortical and Motor Neurons   NeuroXVivo Culture Kits for Cortical and Motor Neurons 
NeuroXVivo Neuron Culture Kits
ȭ neural media recombinant proteins ԵǾ ֽϴ. kits neuroscientists ̻ tool Դϴ
Learn more about our NeuroXVivo Kits.
Download our Neural Cell Culturing Guide   Download our Neural Cell Culturing Guide 
Neural Cell Culturing Guide central Ǵ peripheral nervous system neurons и ϴ ƴ϶ neural stem cells expanding ȭ protocol մϴ
Download the brochure today!
Small Molecules for Differentiating NSCs   Small Molecules for Differentiating NSCs 
stem cells neuronal differentiation پ  small molecules ϰ ֽϴ.
product range  Ȯغ! Tocris (sign up)Ͽ E-Alerts ø ֽ ޾ƺ ֽϴ.
Cultrex Mouse Laminin I, Pathclear   Cultrex® Mouse Laminin I, Pathclear® 
Neural cell cultures
Cultrex®Mouse Laminin I, Pathclear® Ӱ Ǿϴ. ǰ Cultrex® Mouse Laminin I ߰ ˻ (Pathclear®) ֽϴLearn more.
Neural Stem Cell Marker Antibodies   Neural Stem Cell Marker Antibodies 
Neural stem cells
embryonic adult brain tissues  neurons glia մϴ. Neural stem cell ٹ λ Ǵ neural cells ġ մϴ
Explore Neural Stem Cell Markers.
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