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Bio-Techne Newsletter | January 31, 2018




2 Cancer Newsletter ҽ

Ø  Role for GDF-15 in Cancer

Ø  Webinar for Immune Checkpoint and Immune Responses

Ø  Parkinsons disease and Cancer

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EMT and Invasion Induced by GDF-15 Signaling in Breast Cancer 
ֱ (Peake et. Al.) growth differentiation factor 15 (GDF-15) breast cancer insulin-like growth factor 1 receptor (IGF-1R)-FoxM1 pathway epithelial mesenchymal transition (EMT) invasion Ѵٴ Ͽϴ. Learn More!




A Role for GDF-15/GFRAL in Cancer? 
Growth differentiating factor 15 (GDF-15)
epithelial mesenchymal transition (EMT) invasion ߿ Ѵٴ ϰ ֽϴ. ֱ GFRAL 񸸰 insulin ׼ GDF-15 ȿ Űϴ receptor Ȯ߽ϴ. Bio-Techne ϴ GDF-15/GFRAL signaling pathway þ ȮغLearn More!




Webinar: Targeting Myeloid-Derived Suppressor Cells 
metastatic castration resistant prostate cancer dual immune checkpoint blockade PI3K inhibitor ġ ȿ ϴ Webinar Ŀմϴ. (ǥ Xin Lu). Watch Now!


monitor immune response


Webinar: Monitoring Immune Responses in Cancer Therapies: Avoiding the cytokine storm and other negative outcomes 
Dana Farber Cancer Institute Dr. Gordan J. Freeman  Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center Dr. Michel Sadelain  Science Webinar ĿմϴWatch Now!


luminex hp cytokine 45 plex


New Luminex® High Performance Cytokine 45-Plex!
R&D systems
new Human XL Cytokine Discovery Panel 3 гΰ side-by-side test ߽ϴ. 45 analytes ϴ target Ͽ ޾ƺHuman XL Cytokine Discovery Panel 


RAS Signaling


Small Molecules for Cancer Immunology Research 
immunological response tumor ̷ response ȸǴ extracellular enzymes, receptors, ׸ intracellular signaling pathways ϴ small molecules Կ Ʈ Ѵ. Tocirs Cancer Immunology ǰ ˻غCancer Immunology 


bioactive slit


Marked for Deletion: Parkin Ubiquitinylates HIF-1 to Stop Cancer 
ֱParkinsons disease cancer ̿ ġ ִٴ ǥǾϴ. E3 ubiquitin ligase Ȱ Parkin breast cancer ħ ϴ HIF-1 targeting մϴLearn about the novel connection!


Bio-Techne at Upcoming Meetings


13th Biomarker Congress 2018
Manchester, UK, February 15-16, 2018

2018 American Association for Cancer Research
Chicago, USA, April 14-18, 2018 

British Society for Gene and Cell Therapy (BSGCT) Annual Conference 2018
London, UK, April 27, 2018 

25th Biennial Congress of the European Association for Cancer Research (EACR)
Amsterdam, Netherlands, June 30-July 3, 2018


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