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Tocris Bioscience ٱ⼼ ġ ʷ GMP Small Molecules ߽ϴ.

SB431542 DAPT õ Y-27632, CHIR 99021, XAV 939 õ Դϴ.

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GMP Compounds from Tocris


Product Name



SB 431542

TGF-1, ALK4 and ALK7 inhibitor. Replaces SOX2 in reprogramming of fibroblasts to iPSCs



-secretase inhibitor; Notch pathway inhibitor. Causes stem cells to commit to neuronal differentiation



Selective ROCK inhibitor. Increases survival rate of ESCs and iPSCs undergoing cryopreservation

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CHIR 99021

Highly selective GSK-3 inhibitor; WNT pathway activator. Enables reprogramming of human somatic cells into iPS cells

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XAV 939

Potent tankyrase inhibitor; Inhibits WNT Signaling. Promotescardiomyocyte differentiation from ESCs

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GMP Small Molecules Ư¡


A quality assured manufacturing system

Guaranteed batch-to-batch consistency

Animal-free production

Complete traceability

Bioburden and endotoxin tested compounds

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