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Lipoprotein Uptake Receptors

Lipoprotein Uptake Receptors


Circulating LDL, HDL, ׸ VLDL particles cell ̵ұ? LDL R and VLDL R, the LRP family, the LDL R regulator PCSK9, transporter ABCA1, SR-BI, and SR-AI/MSR reagents assays μ ϴ.







Small Molecule Inhibitors of Lysosomal Acid Lipase

Small Molecule Inhibitors of Lysosomal Acid Lipase


Lysosomal Acid Lipase (LAL) cholesteryl esters ϰ ߿ մϴ. Lipophagy dysregulation atherosclerosis obesity͵ ֽϴ. Tocris potent ϰ selective LAL inhibitors ãƺ!

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GT 949 - A New EAAT2 Modulator from Tocris

Linking High-Fat Diet and Epigenetics in a New Blog


İ inflammation ü ο ߰ ־ϴ. Promoter hypermethylation Ankrd26 epigenetic downregulation Ŀ ǰ proinflammatory ¸ ϰ ˴ϴ. Read Novus' new blog .

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Fatty Acid Transport Molecules

Fatty Acid Transport Molecules


Fatty acidslipids ȯ ο Ű? Fatty acid transfer proteins (FATP), fatty acid binding proteins (FABP), ׸ Apolipoproteins reagents assay next experiments غϽ ֽϴ!

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Multi-analyte Immunoassays in 3 Complementary Formats

Multi-analyte Immunoassays in 3 Complementary Formats


One experiment ܹ screen! ̸ Ʒ ϴ tool ߿ .

Human, mouse, Ǵ rat adipokines Proteome Profiler antibody arrays, polystyrene or magnetic beads ϴ Luminex® High Performance obesity panel, Ǵ Simple Plex assays ѹ 4 analytes м.

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Is TREM2 a Novel Microglia Ab Receptor?

Poster of Atherosclerosis Disease Progression


poster lipid metabolism transport, LDL oxidation inflammation, plaque , plaque Ŀ, ׸ մϴ. Ϳ ǥõ cells ϴ interactive cell markers tool ġ . ٿε ϼ!

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Single Cell isolation Smart Aliquotor Single-Cell Isolation Easy to operate with high efficiency Exellent integrity for  PCR and sequencing Single-Cell Cloning High viability and high efficiency Easy to track whole cloning process Rare Cell Isolation From gene edited cells(i.e CRISPR) From clinical samples (i.e.blood) Single-Cell PCR sigle-cell isolation and identification in situ lysis of identified single cell transfer of lysate into PCR tube cDNA synthesis and amplification Operation is very simple Only a common pipette is needed  for use and takes about 15 seconds Excellent cell compatibility It is compatible with isolation of cells that have diameters less than 5m. High yield and viability One Smart Aliquotor yields about  30 single cells, Which have high viability. Identifiable and selectable Each single can be easily identified and then selected. Features Operation by common pipettes Cell size 50m idiameter Cloning in-situ clonal generation Single-cell yield ~30 cells per device Identification 1 well per second Time in aliquoting ~15 seconds Required cell numbers 2cells Minimum aliquot volume 50nL Comparison of Single-Cell Isolation Methods Capability/Specifics Serial Dilution Micro- manipulation Flow Cytometry SMART ALIQUOTOR Simplicity and time consumption Controllability in transfer volume Compatibility in rare cell isolation Compatibility in cell size & shape Throughput Cell viability Cell selectivity Affordability