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New Neurotransmission Product Guide

New Neurotransmission Product Guide


Tocris ο the Neurotransmission Product Guide receptor agonists, antagonists, modulators, caged compounds, ׸ DREADD ligands Ͽ neurotransmission 250 ̻ ǰ ȮϽ ֽϴ. request your copy

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New Poster on Astrocyte Development and Function

New Poster on Astrocyte Development and Function


Baylor ǰ Benjamin Deneen's lab ۵ ο Poster astrocytes' development, subtype diversity, CNS function disease ҿ ֽ ȮϽ ֽϴ. request it now.

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R&D Systems New IHC/ICC Mosaic Wall Poster


R&D Systems® New IHC/ICC Mosaic Wall Poster


R&D Systems new mosaic wall poster ׸ American Gothic Ͽϴ. poster R&D Systems antibodies ̿ IHC ICC̹ ۵Ǿϴ. request it now.

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Göttingen, GERMANY, March 20-23, 2019


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Single Cell isolation Smart Aliquotor Single-Cell Isolation Easy to operate with high efficiency Exellent integrity for  PCR and sequencing Single-Cell Cloning High viability and high efficiency Easy to track whole cloning process Rare Cell Isolation From gene edited cells(i.e CRISPR) From clinical samples (i.e.blood) Single-Cell PCR sigle-cell isolation and identification in situ lysis of identified single cell transfer of lysate into PCR tube cDNA synthesis and amplification Operation is very simple Only a common pipette is needed  for use and takes about 15 seconds Excellent cell compatibility It is compatible with isolation of cells that have diameters less than 5m. High yield and viability One Smart Aliquotor yields about  30 single cells, Which have high viability. Identifiable and selectable Each single can be easily identified and then selected. Features Operation by common pipettes Cell size 50m idiameter Cloning in-situ clonal generation Single-cell yield ~30 cells per device Identification 1 well per second Time in aliquoting ~15 seconds Required cell numbers 2cells Minimum aliquot volume 50nL Comparison of Single-Cell Isolation Methods Capability/Specifics Serial Dilution Micro- manipulation Flow Cytometry SMART ALIQUOTOR Simplicity and time consumption Controllability in transfer volume Compatibility in rare cell isolation Compatibility in cell size & shape Throughput Cell viability Cell selectivity Affordability