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Fluorescent-Labeled Recombinant Proteins for CAR-T Cells

CAR-T cell therapy is based on the principle that T cells removed from a patient or donor can be genetically engineered to express a specific chimeric antigen receptor (CAR). Once these CAR-T cells are infused back into the patient, the CAR will bind to its specific target antigen on the surface of the patient's tumor cells, activating the T cells, and allowing them to attack and destroy the tumor cells.


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Unconjugated protein binding activity


Detection of CD19-CAR-T Cells with Recombinant Human CD19 Fc Chimera Atto 647N Protein. CD4+CD8+ T cells were either (A) transduced with a hCD19-CAR or (B) not transduced, and then cultured for 11 days. Cells were stained with a PE-Cy7-CD4 and Recombinant Human CD19 Fc Chimera Atto 647N Protein (Catalog # ATM9269), and detected by flow cytometry


Fluorescent-labeled Proteins to Detect CAR-T Cells

Protein Species Source Tag Fluorescent Label Catalog #
BCMA Human NS0 Fc Alexa 488 AFG193
Alexa 647 AFR193
Atto 488 ATJ193
Atto 647N ATM193
CD19 Human CHO Fc Alexa 488 AFG9269
Alexa 647 AFR9269
Atto 488 ATJ9269
Atto 647N ATM9269
Mesothelin Human NS0 His Alexa 488 AFG3265
Alexa 647 AFR3265
MUC-1 Human HEK293 Fc Alexa 488 Coming soon
Alexa 647 AFR10332
OX40 Human NS0 Fc Alexa 488 AFG3388
Alexa 647 AFR3388
Siglec-2 / CD22 Human NS0 Fc Atto 488 ATJ1968
Atto 647N ATM1968
Siglec-3 / CD33 Human NS0 Fc Alexa 488 AFG1137
Alexa 647 AFR1137
Atto 488 ATJ1137
Atto 647N ATM1137
TSLPR Human NS0 Fc Alexa 488 AFG981
Alexa 647 Coming soon


Alexa Fluor SARS-CoV-2 Spike Proteins


Variant Description Source Label Catalog #
SARS-CoV-2 Val16-Lys1211  HEK293 Alexa 488 AFG10561
Alexa 647 AFR10561
SARS-CoV-2 Spike RBD
HEK293 Alexa 488 AFG10500
Alexa 647 AFR10500
Alpha B.1.1.7 Val16-Lys1211
H69del, V70del, Y145del, N501Y, A570D, D614G, P681H, T716I, S982A, D1118H
HEK293 Alexa 488 AFG10796
Alexa 647 AFR10796
Beta B.1.351 Val16-Lys1211
D80A, D215G, L242del, A243del, L244del, K417N, E484K, N501Y, D614G, A701V
HEK293 Alexa 488 AFG10786
Alexa 647 AFR10786
Gamma P.1 Val16-Lys1211
L18F, T20N, P26S, D138Y, R190S, K417T, E484K, N501Y, H655Y, T1027I
HEK293 Alexa 488 AFG10795
Alexa 647 AFR10795
Delta B.1.617.2 Val16-Lys1211
T19R, G142D, F157del, R158del, L452R, T478K, D614G, P681R, D950N
HEK293 Alexa 488 AFG10878
Alexa 647 AFR10878
Kappa B.1.617.1 Val16-Lys1211
G142D, E154K, L452R, E484Q, D614G, P681R, Q1071H
HEK293 Alexa 488 AFG10861
Alexa 647 AFR10861


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