MitoBright LT – Green / Red / Deep Red

High Intracellular Retention

Long-Term Visualization of Mitochondria

Provided as Ready-to-Use DMSO Solution

Allows for Collagen-coated Plates

Applicable for Fluorescence Microscopyand Flow Cytometry



High Intracellular Retentivity

HeLa cells were washed with HBSS (Hanks Balanced Salt Solution) and subsequently stained with each of MitoBright LTs or an existing reagent. The culture medium was replaced with serum-containing medium, and mitochondria were observed after 4 days of incubation. As a result, fluorescence intensity of an existing reagent decreased significantly after 4 days, but in MitoBright LT, fluorescence intensity remained unchanged and mitochondria were clearly observable. Moreover, after further incubation, we confirmed that MitoBright LT was retained in mitochondria even after 7 days.


Stained in serum-contained media

Staining was performed with either MitoBright LT or an existing reagent in serum-containing or serum-free medium. In serum-containing medium, low fluorescence intensity was observed when using the existing reagent, however the cells stained with MitoBright LT experienced clear, resilient fluorescence of mitochondria


Detection of mitochondria using a collagen coated tissue plate

Collagen-coated tissue culture plates are often used for examination of mitochondrial morphology because this imaging requires high magnifications.
The existing mitochondrial staining reagent bound to collagen, resulting with an increase in background staining, whereas the MitoBright LT series yielded clearly stained mitochondria.

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