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Xeno-free Organoid Generation Workflow From Stem Cell Spheroids Using VitroGel® STEM and VitroGel® ORGANOID Hydrogel System

Start from stem cells directly from liquid nitrogen (skipping the 2D culture process) to establish high-quality 3D spheroids for differentiation to further formation and maturation into organoids. The entire process is animal-origin free! Discover how the xeno-free VitroGel STEM and VitroGel ORGANOID hydrogels are used to generate and culture mid/hind-gut organoids from hPSC stem cells directly from liquid nitrogen.



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VitroGel® STEM



- Establish stem cell spheroids directly from liquid nitrogen (5 min protocol)
- High-quality 3D stem cells for differentiation and organoid formation
- Easy scale-up (from laboratory scale to industrial scale)
- Efficient cell harvesting or subculturing


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- Supports a wide range of organoids from patient-derived samples, stem cells, tissues, co-culture, and PDX resources

- Scalable protocol for lab automation

- Easy 20-minute cell harvesting (enzyme-free)


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Explore the full potential of 3D cell culture research

VITROGEL® hydrogels closely mimic the natural extracellular matrix (ECM) environment and give an outstanding balance of biological functions and operating ease to establish a robust 3D cell culture platform.


Our cutting-edge hydrogels enable high-throughput processing and scale-up of the 3D cell platform for multiple applications, from organoids to stem cells to invasion assay, angiogenesis assay, and more.


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