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Porcine, Target Sensitive .

R&D Systems Porcine Luminex Assay kit õǾ, Ǹŵǰ ִ Porcine Multiplex 19 target úм ֽϴ.


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T Cell Culture Cytokine !

Ȯ ؼ cell culture ߿ϸ, ׷ quality cytokine ϴ ʿմϴ. High quality cytokine R&D Systems cytokine !


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Immunoassays for Unique Animal Model Systems

Bio-Technes Immunoassays ٽ Quality Դϴ.

In-house protein, antibody, ׸ specialized diluents Immunoassays Բ animal model ϴ target protein Ȯϰ ȿ мغñ ٶϴ.

پ ÷ assays ´ ãƺ!


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Microfluidic Chip Ȱ Killing Efficacy Test 

CRISPR mediated T cell Efficacy Test Microfluidic Chip_AIM Chip Ȱ ֱ ǥǾϴ.

    Robust in vitro models

    Quality Control (QC) tools

    Pre-Clinical test for poly therapy


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TME ! ť !

TME hypoxic culture Ͻ ٱ?

׷ з ǵ ϽŰ?

TME з ؾ մϴ.

Immnecheckpoint Rc ȭ, Cold Tumor Hot Tumor ȯ !

๰  ׽Ʈ!

๰ ׽Ʈ!


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Microfluidic Chip Ȱ Immune Cell Infiltration Test

LKB-1 PD-L1 Lung cancer H1355 鿪 ʽϴ. LKB1 籸 ϸ Lung cancer ̿ ׽Ʈ Microfluidic Chip _ AIM Chip ֽϴ.


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Wide selection of BMEs and other ECMs for 3-D culturing Wide selection of BMEs and other ECMs for 3-D culturing

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