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!Reference; Target organ-specific similarity of human iPSC-derived organoids and cells

Human iPSC organoid ๰ ߰ п ϰ Ǵµ. ̷ organoid Ⱑ 󸶳 缺 ִ° ๰ а ¿˴ϴ. ش organoid 缺 Ȯ ִ մϴ.


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IPSC ExCellerateTM Animal Component-Free Expansion Medium ǰ !

Animal Component-Free: Translational
Research ̻

Ready-to-Use: All-In-One ,

Robust: ̺ȭ IPSC پ Ȯ

Consistent: ִ


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Proteome Profiler Human Pluripotent Stem Cell Array Kit

ES/iPS pluripotency, expanding, popular size, differentiation , differentiated stem cell function ȮϽ ִ tool Ұմϴ.

R&D Systems Proteome Profiler Antibody array kits ȰϿ cells proteins θ żϰ Ȯϰ screening Ͻ ֽϴ.


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Stem cell Senescence Ȯ

Normal cells DNA ջ ݺǴ cell division oxidative stress پ ߻ϴ ˷ ֽϴ. Ӹ ƴ϶ ġϷ پ õ DNA ջ Ű ϼӸ ƴ϶ ȭ մϴ.

ֱ ȭȯ ɷ Stem cell ް ֽϴ. Senescence پ Tool Dojindo ǰ Ȯغ.


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ECM 20 Ѱ?

ٷ XENO-FREE Hydrogel Ʒ Methods , 5~20и ϰ ϴ Hydrogel SystemԴϴ.

ǿ ϸ, ֻ縦 ޷ ġḦ ֽϴ.


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R&D ο Organoid culture BME õǾϴ


High protein concentration (10-12 mg/mL)

Enriched in entactin (> 8% of total protein)

Reduced Growth Factor (RGF) formulation

Low endotoxin profile (< 7 EU/mL)

Protocols using Cultrex UltiMatrix RGF BME:
Protocol for Mouse Enteric Organoid Culture.
Protocol for 
Human Intestinal Organoid Culture.
Protocol for 
Human Liver Organoid Culture.
Protocol for 
Human Lung Organoid Culture.


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Wide selection of BMEs and other ECMs for 3-D culturing Wide selection of BMEs and other ECMs for 3-D culturing

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