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Biopharmaceutical Impurity Test Kits

Ҽ ִ Biopharmacy ȯڿ ״ ɰ ۿ ʷ ֽϴ. پ impurity/contamination test kit Ұ 帳ϴ.


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Clone selection, ϼ

꼺 clone ϴ üǾǰ ߿ ʿ Դϴ. ð ɸ HPLC ŷο ELISA ValitaTiter غ. Ȯ 󵵸 15и ֽϴ.


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Cell therapy development ʼǰ, GMP protein!

Ǿǰ ߿ ʿ GMP products ߿ 󸶳 regulation ״°, 󸶳 ڷḦ ִ ϴ Դϴ. ǰ regulation Ű R&D GMP protein غ!


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Ư Assay ȿ ligand ߱! Screening Cloudz 帳ϴ.

Screening Cloudz Streptavidin hydrogel-based dissolvable microspheres Ǿ ֽϴ. ׷Ƿ Cell activation Ͽ پ application Ȱ ִ  biotinylated ligandconjugation ֽϴ.

Streptavidin-conjugated cloudz for use with any biotinylated ligand
Cloudz microspheres dissolve in seconds after activation
Customizable platform to tune to your specific process

Cloudz Screening Kit (#CLD007) Contents
7mL vial of Screening Cloudz
100mL bottle of Cloudz 6X Release Buffer
100mL Bottle of 1X Wash Buffer


ǰ Ȩ Ȯ

Screening Tool for Pathways Mediating Drug Resistance in Cancer Cells

پ signaling pathway Ȱ Ȯϱ Ͽ target protein phosphorylation δ cancer ڵ ִ оԴϴ. R&D systems Human phospho-RTK Antibody array phosphor-Kinase Antibody array anti-cancer drug resistance ϴ ſ tool ǰ ֽϴ.


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缺 ȯ 2 ġ Tool

GLP-1 索 ġῡ ſ ܹ Ǿ, ݰⰡ ſ ª (<5) ü ȿ ġ ֽϴ. ̸ غϱ ݰⰡ GLP-1 ü õ ܹ Exendin-4 ̿ ġ ̷ ֽϴ. Phoenix Pharmaceuticals 缺 ȯ ž ڵ Exendin-4 Ҽ ִ ELISA Kit ϰ ֽϴ. ڼ kit Ȯ ñ ٶϴ.


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Wide selection of BMEs and other ECMs for 3-D culturing Wide selection of BMEs and other ECMs for 3-D culturing

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