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Using Antibody Arrays for Assessing the Integration of Multiple Signaling Pathways and Off-Target Inhibitors <June 2013>

Recombinant Human Collagens and Associated Reagents
<April 2013>

Identification of Novel Cell Surface Markers on Mouse and Human Th17 Cells <February 2013>


Profiling RTK Phosphorylation using Membrane and Plate-Based Arrays <July 2012>

Wnt Proteins in Intestinal Epithelial Progenitor Cells <June 2012>

Multiplex Measurement of Rat Kidney Cytokines in Serum and Urine using the Luminex Performance Assay <March 2012>


Mouse CD229 Ligation Co-stimulates T Cell Activation <February 2012>

in vitro Assessment of the Bioactivity of rmGDF-9 and rhBMP-15 <December 2011>

Phosphatase-Coupled Universal Kinase Assay <November 2011>


Phosphatase-Coupled Sulfotransferase Assay
<November 2011>

ELISA For The Measurement of High Molecular Weight Adiponectin <October 2011>

Identification of Novel Human and Mouse Regulatory T cell Surface Markers via Flow Cytometry Screening <October 2011>


GAG-specific Endoglycosidase Assay using 35S-Labeled Proteoglycans <September 2011>

Development of Antibodies Specific for NKG2 Family Members
<January 2011>

Inhibitor Screening Utilizing Human Kinase Multiplex Arrays <December 2010>


A Novel Cell-Based ELISA for Intracellular Proteins or Phosphorylation of Signaling Molecules <August 2010>

Analysis of Changes in RTK Phosphorylation Using Proteome Profiler™ 96 Antibody Arrays
<April 2010>

Universal Phosphatase-Coupled Glycosyltransferase Assay
<April 2010>


Detection of Specific Glycosaminoglycans and Glycan Epitopes by in vitro Sulfation
<April 2010>

A New & Improved Kit for the Isolation of Untouched Human & Mouse NK Cells <January 2010>

Development and Characterization of Monoclonal Antibody Clone 41802 to Human IL-17A <May 2009>


Profiling Human Pluripotent Stem Cell Markers Using Multiplexed Antibody Arrays <April 2009>

Identification of Putative New Target Genes & Promoter Co-Occupancy Using Novel ChIP Protocols <February 2009>

Molecular Characterization of the Active 1918 Pandemic Flu Viral Neuraminidase <November 2008>


Electrophoresis-based Sulfotransferase Assay Using a Variety of Glycan & Peptide Substrates <November 2008>

Novel Dual-Fluorescence Cell-Based ELISAs for Analysis of Phosphorylation & Intracellular Signaling <October 2008>

Human Oncostatin M and Mouse LIF Support Mouse ES Cell Pluripotency & Germline Competency <July 2008>