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Stem Cell Organoids culture Matrix !

R&D Systems BME (Basement Membrane Extract) غǾ ֽϴ. Matrigel ڶ , component ǰ̹Ƿ Ͻʴϴ.

ǰ üǰ ñϽôٸ ޵ ּ~


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Organoid Culture Protocols .

Organoid غ̽Ű? Consistent reagent ִ Organoid ִ R&D systems Organoid & 3D Cell Culture Protocol Ȯغ.

1. Human Liver Organoid Culture Protocol
2. Human Lung Organoid Culture Protocol

3. Human Gastric Organoid Culture Protocol

4. Production of
R-Spondin 1-conditioned media
5. Harvesting Organoid

6. Immunofluorescence of Organoids Embedded in Cultrex BME

7. Use of Cultrex BME to Improve Take and Growth of Xenografts in Mice


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GHP Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Awards – Most Innovative 3D Hydrogel System 2020

Drug discovery, Cell therapy, and personalized medicine оߴ ۾ ʿ оԴϴ. ̿ پ ǰ ű õǴ  Pharmaceutical Award 2020 ν ǰ Ǿϴ.

Xeno-free, Injectable, Ready-to-Use, ǿ , Easy cell harvesting VitroGel Hydrogel Matrix Ұմϴ.


Ȯ  ǰ Ȯ

Small Intestinal Organoid from Human ESC and STAT3

Human ESCκ small intestinal (SI) organoid maturation ־ STAT3 Ȯ Դϴ. SI organoid ۵ organoid Ȯϴ ˾ƺ ֽϴ.


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Reference; Target organ-specific similarity of human iPSC-derived organoids and cells

Human iPSC organoid ๰ ߰ п ϰ Ǵµ. ̷ organoid Ⱑ 󸶳 缺 ִ° ๰ а ¿˴ϴ. ش organoid 缺 Ȯ ִ մϴ



Stem cell Senescence Ȯ

Normal cells DNA ջ ݺǴ cell division oxidative stress پ ߻ϴ ˷ ֽϴ. Ӹ ƴ϶ ġϷ پ õ DNA ջ Ű ϼӸ ƴ϶ ȭ մϴ.

ֱ ȭȯ ɷ Stem cell ް ֽϴ. Senescence پ Tool Dojindo ǰ Ȯغ.


R&D Systems Quantikine ELISA & Recombinant proteins for Stem Cell Research

ȭ stem cell function Ȯ ELISA Gold standard R&D Systems Quantikine® ELISA Kit ñ ٶϴ.

Stem cell culture ʿ recombinant protein Ȯغ!



3D&Organoids پϰ Ȱ ִ Probe Dye .

ֱ Tocris Ʒ dye Probe ȳ 帮 μŸ ߽ϴ.

Fluorescent Dyes
Dyes for Flow Cytometry
Fluorescent Probes
Anti-fade Reagents
Bioluminescent Substrates
Fluorogenic Dyes for Light-Up Aptamers
Fluorescent Probes for Imaging BacteriaTSA Reagents for Enhancing IHC, ICC & FISH Signals

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Wide selection of BMEs and other ECMs for 3-D culturing Wide selection of BMEs and other ECMs for 3-D culturing

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